Murrah Breeding Farm, Near Fatehabad 16 K.M. Stone On Delhi Sirsa Highway

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Winner in PDFA Championship and Prized By Govt. Minister Captain Kaveljeet Signh held at Murah Breed All India Championship


All Time Winner Prized By Govt. of Punjab In 2009


North India Championship prized By Sukhbir Singh Badel (Dupty Chief Minister of punjab)


Khali With Dr. Gehlot (V.C. of Jaipur University), Dr. Joga Singh(P.H.D.), Dr. Sharma


Khali with Dr. Inderjeet Singh (Director CIRB Hisar), Dean of animal College Ethiopia Country and P.H.D. student in anikmal college in
Ethopia at Murah Bredding Farm Sangra Near Fatehbad


Khali with Dr. Ranjodhan Signh Sehoda (Judge of GADVASHU Ludhiana) and Dr. Saini (Judge of GADVASU Ludhiana)


Khali with Great Story teller of Sikh Community and HONOR of Bhai Sahab, Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji


Khali at Farm ..


All India Championship Prized By Guljar Singh Reneek (Minister of animal Department) held in 2011.


Prized By Sukhbir Singh Badel (Dupty C.M. of Punjab and admirer of animal)


Khali with Fans..


Welcome To Murrah Khali Toor Farms

Haryana is the home of Murrah water buffalo. Here in Haryana, the Murrah buffalo keeping has a special role as its husbandry has been the way of life. Consequently, Haryana has the privilege of being known as the livestock mint of India. It is an acknowledged fact that the buffalo is a better converter of coarse feeds into fat-rich milk even under harsh agro-climatic situations. Haryana has the world’s best dairy type buffalo — the Murrah — capable of milk yields as high as 35 kg a day. The buffalo of Murrah breed, which is described as the “Asian tractor”, is in fact triple purpose animal — for milk, meat and work. The Murrah buffalo is the finest genetic material of milk producing buffalo in the world. This breed has beaten the best dairy cows of the world in performance. Haryana’s trade in milch animals outside the state lends undoubtedly a great economic fillip to rural breeders of Murrah buffalo. Of the total production of milk of India, about 53 per cent comes from buffaloes, 43 per cent from cows and 4 per cent from goats and sheep. For cow milk, the average fat varies from 3 to 5 per cent and for buffalo milk from 7.5 to 9 per cent. In economic terms, therefore, the rearing of buffalo is advantageous than cow keeping. Considering the above facts, advanced dairy countries are studying the economics of Murrah buffalo keeping. During the past one year, a United States dairy firm had purchased Murrah buffaloes, each yielding over 25 kg milk a day, at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakh each from Haryana. This shows that rich countries will soon switch over to Murrah husbandry.
Khali is the world’s all time winner animal awarded by Govt. of Punjab and Department of Animal Husbandary in Chirak Animal Competition in District Moga, Punjab (India). Murrah Khali Farm Marketing was constituted in 2003 Pedigree About Khali Khali’s Dam’s Yield – 26Kg+ from Khunga, Haryana Khali’s Dam’s Dam Yield – 27Kg – Bagar (Haryana – Rajasthan Border) Khali’s Sires Dam Yield – 24Kg – Village Balawas, Tosham (A.I. by Dr. Jaiveer) Khali’s Sires Sire’s Dam Yield – 26Kg – Village Singwa, Hisar, Haryana Khali’s Sires Sire’s – Bull H-56